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29. 11. 2018.



Ideas for Christmas Themed Design


 If you do not have new content on your website time-to-time such as new blog entries, you may want to think about how you can add something extra to your page so that new visitors would show up again.

A good solution can be if you create promotions on a regular basis or advertise one of your products or services for free. As Christmas is right around the corner, it is the perfect time to please your visitors with a small gift.

In order to present it in style, worthy of a holiday, you can create a separate page on your website, which is only meant for promoting your sale. This will be your Landing Page, as long as you wish to keep reducing the prices. With this trick visitors will not be coming to your main page, but instead to your landing page. Your “old” visitors will also notice that something new is going on, curious to check it out. Also, because you’ve created new content, your site will be a new hit in the search engines’ lists.

If you are interested in the Landing Page topic even more, here is a very good and detailed article about it:


Now let’s look at some examples of Christmas themed design, you might fancy having one for yourself.

Never have I thought that drilling machines would be so attractive as being advertised on this website. 🙂

This one is a mixture of Black Friday and Christmas. It is such a good idea because you can tick 2 things on your list with 1 purchase. First, buying really cheap and second, getting the gift you’ve already had in mind.

This is not particularly a brand new landing page, but it would be perfect even this year. Its style is appealing to both kids and adults.

This is my personal favorite; simple but great. The text is clear, and even the minimalist Christmas themed design has its place.

If you have a webshop, it is a great idea to highlight those products that can be bought with a promo code and also emphasize that the Christmas packaging is free of charge.

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